Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 21, 2011

Summer started today officially at 1:16 pm. We were at that point driving down from Orland towards Augusta, heading home. I took two pictures and can't decide which I like better, so one is for today as a day in the month of June, and the other is just because it's the summer solstice.

I also got a picture contributed from my friend Naomi, and hers will be beneath mine.

This one was taken in Searsport, on Route 1/Route 3:

The lupines everywhere were just stunningly beautiful. I'm glad I got some in a picture. The following picture was taken a few miles down the road, still near Searsport:

Naomi sent the following picture, which I would have taken if I had ever seen it. I LOVE this picture!!! Thank you Naomi. It's of a barn in East Cornwall, CT:

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